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Molanosa is a Metis settlement, fiddle music has always been a part of Molanosa. Long before the Old Number Two Highway was built through town fiddle music could be heard in some trapper’s cabin or tent along the lake or river. Some travelers heading north by canoe would stop by and play the night away at a trappers request. He might teach some local guy a few chords before he left. One individual who became interested was a medicine man by the name of Jet Zacc. After he made a trade for a fiddle he could be heard practicing in his log cabin along the Montreal River by Molanosa. He then taught his nephew whose name was “Against the Wind”. They both became the top player’s in town. They both played at dances every other weekend at a place called “The Silver House”. A well known contractor, by the name of Marcel Strube from 66 also played fiddle there at that time. These guys played at all weddings, New Years and every box social to raise money for different functions. Later when the Molanosa Dance Hall was built a fiddle player named Cliff Schell would join the band, others in the band would be – Abel Ross- Guitar, John D Ross- Guitar, on accordion would be Arlene Howatt and Doug Seeback.

There was no shortage of musicians as there were many talented people in Molaonsa. Fiddle Players of Molanosa, Jet Zacc, Against the Wind, Ben Bradfield, Harry Halkett, Randy Halkett, Marcel Strube, Cliff Schell and Edward Ross

Harry and Randy Halkett