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In 1994 “Out of the Blue” recorded a single called "Lost In Your Eyes" which was a hit on Missinnippi Broadcasting Radio in Saskatchewan, Canada. They were nominated for "Non-Touring Band Of The Year" at the "Saskatchewan Country Music Awards" in 1995.  A favourite band coming out of northern Sask. they played consistently during their tenure, opening up for the likes of Charlie Major, Rick Tippi, Shaver, Trooper and Nazareth. The band pursued other musical interests in 1996 but in the memory of their late manager "Mama Bear", they re-united in early 2008.

Upon producing a the self titled album, “Out of the Blue” with with Turtle Island Music, this group went on to win best Country Rock album at the 2009 Milwaukee Indian Summer Games Music Awards. They were also nominated for best Country Album at the 2009 Aboriginal People Choice Awards. Kelly Parker went on to won Best Producer at The Native American Music Awards and Garrison Parker won Best Album Cover Design at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards.